2013 Annual APU Gala Leaves Lasting Impression


Patti McGuire, our Gala Chair, captured it best, “I have lived in Anchorage for more than 30 years and have never been to such an event. … Read On

NANANordic Photo Book Now Available


NANANordic is introducing the lifetime sport of cross-country skiing to rural Alaska through a sustainable Nordic ski program, starting … Read On

Summer 2013 Team WOW recognition

This quarter’s TEAM WOW award stretches across three departments and recognizes a group that worked together to create what is now the … Read On

Daily News readers gain insight into University’s long-term study of giant Pacific octopus


Anchorage Daily News readers learned about the University’s pioneering research on the little-understood giant Pacific octopus and whether … Read On

APUNSC Summer Update

Photo:  USSA Nordic

Elite/University APU Elite team is getting ready to move to summer training at the Thomas Training Center on Eagle Glacier. The Elite … Read On

Law seminar highlights Cornick’s research on Cook Inlet belugas

Associate Professor Leslie Cornick was among invited presenters at a continuing-education seminar for lawyers focusing on the Endangered … Read On

2013 AMA Professional Development Summer Series


Sharpen your marketing and advertising skills this summer! The 2013 AMA Professional Development Summer Series will be hosted every … Read On

University’s tuition rollback should get Alaska families’ attention, Daily News says

An editorial in today’s Anchorage Daily News praises the University for its decision to cut undergraduate tuition by 34 percent, calling … Read On

Better every year, each year better

APU Nordic ski coach Erik Flora likes to end his team meetings with the mantra "better every year.” The description fits: By all … Read On

Tuition rollback in 2014 makes APU competitive with West Coast schools that court Alaskans

University trustees have approved tuition rollback for undergraduates entering in 2014, underscoring APU’s commitment to placing quality, … Read On