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Annie Olsen ‘Water’s Edge’ & James Kaiser ‘Alaskan Grown’ First Friday Opening

August 3, 2012 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Leah J. Peterson Gallery - Carr-Gottstein Building
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Alaska Pacific University hosts the First Friday Opening for Annie Olsen’s “WaterEdge” and James Kaiser’s “Alaskan Grown” exhibits in the Leah J. Peterson Gallery located in the Carr-Gottstein building.

About her work, Annie Olson says, “Water awakens one’s spirit, especially when one is at the edge. So often I find myself there observing an egret taking flight over a lagoon in Mexico, a wildflower bending in the breeze by an Alaskan river, or just the flow of the water itself. These unexpected encounters are always rewarding, making my heart feel at one with the Universe.”

About his work, James Kaiser says, “Community is an important part of my life. With communication connection, and dialog amongst artists, ideas are formed. I enjoy connecting cultural concepts with the language of art, creating designs through the medium of stained glass. This integration of our Alaskan environment and its collective experiences.

The exhibits will run from August 3 – 26.


  1. Christy Hanson says:

    My favorite Olson painting was the one with three little boats. I love water. It really does awaken the spirit. I always make video recordings of waves when I get the chance.

    My favorite Kaiser one is of the landscape with the stars over the water. I liked the cultural and natural connection, it was immediately “Alaskan” to me.

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