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Bantz: Expedition Alaska is ‘transformative’

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Among faculty traveling the Yukon River with APU’s Expedition Alaska course was University President Don Bantz. He’s back at his desk, giving thought to Expedition AK 2014, and sends along these thoughts:

I’ve taught in several first-year college programs that I thought were excellent, but nothing even remotely resembling Expedition Alaska.

The course sent APU faculty, teaching assistants and 33 of our first-year and sophomore transfer students on a 158-mile Yukon River float trip. We returned Saturday.

ExpAk is a hybrid course involving classroom learning and field work. It was transformative for me and for our students. I could see them grow and mature during our time on the river.

The natural and cultural history of the Yukon River, coupled with its powerful setting and spectacular fall colors, provided a truly distinctive first-year experience that exemplifies the University’s vision of Alaska as our primary classroom.

Within their first weeks on campus, our new students saw for themselves what APU is all about: We’re an active learning community that fosters self-discovery and deep learning – wherever that leads.


  1. Hello,

    This surely must have been an amazing experience. I am working with groups from different ages as a theatre director for non professional performers. Living in Holland it is not so easy to go to Alaska, but this article can function as an inspiration.

    It is amazing to be a part of an experience where there is a great ammount of growth, as well as a group and personal growth.


  2. Hello,
    I really appreciate this article, I’ve always wanted to go to alaska an amazing country full of nuances and interesting weather changes.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. I always wanted to go to Alaska considering we get around 120 weather during summer any way great article

  4. ıt must be unforgettable experince. ı wish I could go to the Alaska.
    best regards

  5. It looks like you guys had a great time maybe this year i make my trip to this amazing place

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