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How to beat the competition? Hickel scholar explains at public talk, University course


An internationally ranked consultant, lecturer and self-described “innovation badass,” Eric J. Romero, Ph.D., is the next in a series of … Read On

Outdoor Programs 2013 Copper River Rafting Experiences


This summer, Alaska Pacific University offered a summer rafting trip on the Copper River for prospective students. We floated from Copper … Read On

OS Faculty Profiles: David McGivern

Which comes first, experience or judgment? Wrong question, says Associate Professor David McGivern. For OS students, attitude is … Read On

From Sea to Summit and Back Again


When APU student Killian Sump rounded the bend to Aialik Bay in Kenai fjords National Park, he knew just what awaited. Towering peaks of … Read On

OS Faculty Profiles: Eeva Latosuo

Moving through snowy backcountry mountains is sheer joy for Finnish-born Eeva Latosuo. But amid all that high-latitude athleticism, her APU … Read On

Outdoor Studies Marks 20 Years

An APU student during a winter camping class, mid-1990s.

With its roots in an outdoor education program begun more than 20 years ago by venerated University ski coach Jim Mahaffey, the Outdoor … Read On

Psychology course travels to Malawi


What Nora Miller wants her students to know about community psychology is that it doesn’t take a village. It takes individuals—one … Read On

NANANordic Photo Book Now Available


NANANordic is introducing the lifetime sport of cross-country skiing to rural Alaska through a sustainable Nordic ski program, starting … Read On

Daily News readers gain insight into University’s long-term study of giant Pacific octopus


Anchorage Daily News readers learned about the University’s pioneering research on the little-understood giant Pacific octopus and whether … Read On

Travel to India: Global Social Entrepreneurship and Journeys for Change

ST: BAM 492 - January 2014 Block - Travel to India: Global Social Entrepreneurship and Journeys for Change This course will explore the … Read On