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Market Volatility and the Flight to Quality

When fear grips investors and money flows out of the stock market, it flows into the Treasury Bond market in a flight to quality. The result … Read On

From Tim Geithner: What the world must do to boost growth

The US Treasury Secretary suggests that the world must do three things to boost growth: 1. US should act to strengthen growth and … Read On

Here is a good description of what is going on

I found this to be a clear and insightful column on the economics of the Federal Budget: … Read On

DJIA or Fear Index?

Dow Jones Industrial average is jittery. So what does this mean? The media would tell you that the markets are jittery because S&P … Read On

The Debt Ceiling – beyond the media hysteria

The media loves politics, especially presidential election politics, so the frenzy about the debt ceiling is not surprising. But, beyond the … Read On