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Looming Fiscal Cliff?

From time to time, journalists and commentators refer to a looming fiscal cliff. Most of us don't know what this is or what it means. The … Read On

Anchorage Startup Weekend – Sept 21-23, 2012


Startup Week at Alaska Pacific University’s Atwood Hall is a weekend-long, hands-on experience where entrepreneurs and aspiring … Read On

First in her family to earn a college degree, Paoli credits APU’s work-friendly schedule


By Christy Hanson APU Website Intern Jorie (Zilys) Paoli knew what she wanted in life: To work for her Alaska Native people. To be a … Read On

Planning to take one class, Dunno stayed on to earn an APU degree. Then another.

Bobby Dunno

By Christy Hanson APU website intern A self-proclaimed “small-town guy,” Bobby Dunno of Seward credits APU for helping adult … Read On

Thiru and Krupa are among invited presenters on change in higher education

Yaso Thiru, APU associate professor of accounting and management, teamed with APU Assistant Professor Meagan Krupa for an invited … Read On

Spreadsheet risk modeling is focus of new text by APU’s Lehman

Dale Lehman

Economics professor Dale Lehman has co-authored a textbook in risk analytics, a rapidly developing field with potential to refine decision … Read On

APU adds international scholar Babu George to MBA faculty

A trans-disciplinary researcher with an interest in service-sector consumer behavior, Babu George, Ph.D., has joined the Alaska Pacific … Read On

A Tale of 3 Continents

I’ve just spent a week in Europe and it got me thinking of the similar, but different, economic troubles facing the major world economies. … Read On

Market Volatility and the Flight to Quality

When fear grips investors and money flows out of the stock market, it flows into the Treasury Bond market in a flight to quality. The result … Read On

From Tim Geithner: What the world must do to boost growth

The US Treasury Secretary suggests that the world must do three things to boost growth: 1. US should act to strengthen growth and … Read On