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Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Tlingit poet and Alaska State Writer Laureate, is APU commencement speaker on April 27

Internationally ranked scholar and writer Nora Marks Dauenhauer returns to her alma mater April 27 as commencement speaker at Alaska Pacific … Read On

State wrestling win goes to Early Honors student; Faller is voted assistant coach of the year

Early Honors student Frankie Dunbar claimed third place at the Alaska State Wrestling Championship, while coaches statewide voted APU … Read On

Stoeger: ‘Science, philosophy and theology take us beyond what we already know’

The Rev. Bill Stoeger, S.J., Ph.D., speaks Monday, Feb. 11, at an APU public lecture focusing on the fit between God’s creation and the … Read On

Vatican scientist is APU featured speaker on God’s creation and the Big Bang

A Vatican Observatory scientist specializing in high-energy astrophysics and theoretical cosmology offers an APU public lecture focusing on … Read On

Senior Project and One Word


by Ryan Knight “The N-Word: How One Word Shaped the Culture and Identity of the Modern African-America” is an essay that explores the … Read On

Bantz welcomes Early Honors students: ‘Call me Don’

Advanced high schoolers enrolled in APU’s Early Honors program gained an up-close view of active learning when President Don Bantz strode … Read On

Two for Two


Mark Faller, Professor of Philosophy at Alaska Pacific University has just had a second chapter published in as many months, in the recently … Read On

Banned Books Week 2012: 30 Years of Liberating Literature

From September 30 through October 6, we observe Banned Books Week: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Freedom to Read! The Library … Read On

APU undergrad earns a spot in NSF geophysics research program

APU undergraduate Sam Friedman,’13, is among advanced student scholars selected for a National Science Foundation summer program focusing … Read On

Faller’s metaphysics scholarship is selected for new anthology

APU Philosophy Professor Mark Faller is among contributors to a collection of theoretical essays on metaphysics, a discipline attracting … Read On