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From Mali to APU


By Amadou Sarr Starting at APU this year, my goal is to achieve something that I can be proud of; I want to be a role model for my … Read On

Prof. Rawson and ‘We the People’


APU Associate Professor Timothy Rawson was among judges taking part in a statewide competition of high schoolers vying to show who knows the … Read On

No Better Training than Motherhood


by Mabel Baldwin-Schaeffer “It wasn’t the last time I’d find that there’s no better training grounds for politics than … Read On

Homer and Homeward-Bound Essays

Kristin Vantrease

Kristin Vantrease is from Homer. She came to APU as a transfer student, wanting to bring closure to her prior studies that had been … Read On

Senior Project and One Word


by Ryan Knight “The N-Word: How One Word Shaped the Culture and Identity of the Modern African-America” is an essay that explores the … Read On

Why Early Honors?

Anastasia Keogh

by Anastasia Keogh Throughout my academic career I have always tried to enhance my education in some way. During my junior year I … Read On

Only in Alaska: Dungeon of Doom, Pyrotechnics, and Liberal Studies


by Kylie Clark I rest peacefully in the little bedroom of our family camper, happy to relax for a few hours. The cacophony outside is a … Read On

The APU Log Moves On

Handstand on the APU Log

An old friend is about to go through a transformation as Alaska Pacific University changes our “look” with the installation of a new … Read On

Fall Updates

Atwood Boilers: After

Energy Upgrades The Board of Trustees approved APU’s Climate Action Plan at their Board meeting on October 26.  At their summer meeting … Read On

Spring Creek Farm Journal Week 1

Northern Lights at Spring Creek Farm

The trail wound its way up into the hills, around small, weed-edged ponds, and across a shallow stream. It was lined with spruce trees and … Read On