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Update on College Scorecards

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I have written several pieces about college affordability, student debt levels, and the value of a college degree on this blog site. This … Read On

The Eco League: How Consortia Expand Student Opportunities


APU is a member of the Eco League, a consortium of U.S. liberal arts colleges, dedicated to teaching sustainability across the curriculum, … Read On

Bantz: Expedition Alaska is ‘transformative’

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Among faculty traveling the Yukon River with APU’s Expedition Alaska course was University President Don Bantz. He’s back at his desk, … Read On

Gould Hall Renovation


APU’s Gould Hall was named for our founder Peter Gould, an Aleut Methodist minister, whose vision was that Alaskans and Alaska Native … Read On

2013 Annual APU Gala Leaves Lasting Impression


Patti McGuire, our Gala Chair, captured it best, “I have lived in Anchorage for more than 30 years and have never been to such an event. … Read On

University’s tuition rollback should get Alaska families’ attention, Daily News says

An editorial in today’s Anchorage Daily News praises the University for its decision to cut undergraduate tuition by 34 percent, calling … Read On

Better every year, each year better

APU Nordic ski coach Erik Flora likes to end his team meetings with the mantra "better every year.” The description fits: By all … Read On

Affordability, Part 2: APU’s Proposed Tuition Sticker Price Reduction

One year ago, I wrote a piece on “Affordability and Quality at Alaska’s only Private Baccalaureate Liberal Arts University” for this … Read On

On the subject of roads


The UMED district continues to experience rapid growth in large part due to ongoing capital projects on the UAA and Providence campuses. The … Read On

Fall Updates

Atwood Boilers: After

Energy Upgrades The Board of Trustees approved APU’s Climate Action Plan at their Board meeting on October 26.  At their summer meeting … Read On