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Affordability and quality at Alaska’s only private baccalaureate liberal arts university

Alaska inlet

Only 22% of Americans agree that “college costs in general are such that most people are able to afford to pay for a college education.” … Read On

APU Nordic Ski Center

President Don Bantz with APU Nordic Ski Team

On Excellence When it comes to excellence, the APU Nordic Ski Club has by all measures achieved it. It is considered to be the most … Read On

Into the field

Students in the field

DEEP learning is the primary theme that runs throughout my blog. It results from active learning in small learning communities doing applied … Read On

On sustainability and being “green”

APU’s Strategic Plan has three core themes: academic excellence, sustainability, and enrollment growth. I’m often asked, “What do you … Read On

Recommendations for the Higher Education and Career Readiness Task Force: A Legislative White Paper prepared by Don Bantz, Task Force Member, January, 25, 2011

SB 220, the Alaska Sustainable Energy Act, contains a section entitled The Emerging Technologies Fund. It provides funds to Alaska … Read On

Self-Reflections upon being back in Alaska and at APU: Counting our blessings this holiday season

Winter 2010 graduation ceremony

It’s been nine months on the job now. Joan and I returned to Alaska with the same feeling that I remember having every time I left Alaska … Read On

New Beginnings

Winter Camping Scene

I came to APU in spring 2010, welcomed by a beautiful blanket of snow, excellent spring cross country skiing conditions. Soon thereafter, I … Read On

Alaska Native Peoples at APU

November 18, 2010 Day of the “last sunset” in Barrow November 18, 2010 Day of the “last sunset” in Barrow

I attended the 2010 AFN convention in Fairbanks and while it had been many, many years since I had done so, it was familiar territory i.e., … Read On