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House of YES

March 2, 2014 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Grant Hall Theater
Alaska Pacific University
4101 University Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508

Yes! Produced in Alaska by Alaskans. Synesthesia Artist Collective’s entire Cast, Crew, and Production team is comprised of local, Resident Artists who, in effort to produce barrier breaking works, will present Anchorage with the Alaskan Premiere of ‘The House of Yes’.

Featuring Anchorage Resident Artists. Cast: Chloe Akers, Taran Haynes, Andrea Staats, Lisa Willis, Austin Roach. With Production Team: Alex Albrecht, Claire J Burgandy, Erin Campbell, Cedar Cussins, Christine A Eagleson, Lucy Franklin, Sierra Ileta.
Directed by Scott Heverling.

This limited access production will perform at Alaska Pacific University’s Grant Hall, starting Friday, February 28th, at 8PM continuing March 1, 6, 7, 8, with matinee performances at 3PM on March 2nd and 9th.

THE House Of Yes is a fantastical, new cult classic for our modern times. A dark, comedic theatrical drama about The Pascals, for whom the clock stopped with the Kennedy assassination, shut in as a Thanksgiving hurricane swirls outside. Arriving at the head of the storm’s eye are Jackie-O’s twin brother, Marty and his fiancee Lesly. This ruins everything. Marty’s engagement is a threat to the well-being of this family and a greater threat to Jackie-O, who has always wanted her twin brother for herself. Fine by their mother, who’s still lamenting her husband’s desertion, and by puppyish younger brother Anthony who immediately yearns for Lesly. The resulting battle becomes something of a class struggle between the Pascals’ somewhat-poetic insanity and Lesly’s plebeian pragmatism.

The House of Yes exhibits an exaggerated scenario of a family who are so disconnected from the rest of society, that they live to exist only within the confines of their home. The ramifications are staggering. The House of Yes is a soberingly relevant statement on the direction our society has taken. Entitlement is becoming a new epidemic. Exceptions are more common than adherence. How soon before “Affluenza” runs Rampant?

Synesthesia Artist Collective is a new, leading edge Pre-Professional community organization founded by Alaskan artist, Scott Heverling. Teamed with Syn Arts Collectives Vicente Capala, Rachel Droege, Joyce Mayer, and Lisa Willis in the interest of providing a collaborative and creative environment inclusive of various artistic mediums for Alaska’s resident artists and arts community alike. Syn Arts is venturing to foster edgy, multi-dimensional art that expands Alaska’s mainstream arts scene, further inspiring developmental and experimental productivity.

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