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Ice Wall


We have ice forming on our first on campus ice wall! The ice wall is located on the back of the Moseley Sports Center. We are hoping for some cold weather to help form a nice sturdy ice climb. As soon as the ice is built up enough we will send a campus wide email to let everyone know when the wall will be available for climbing. There will be specific times during the week that you can come climb on the wall. Climbing on the wall outside of those designated times will need to be cleared by the Director or Assistant Director of Rec. Programs. Right now we have one five foot section forming ice. Next year we plan on putting up another 5 foot section so that two climbers will be able to climb at once. As this our first year managing the ice wall it will only be open to APU Students, Staff, and Faculty. If our ice wall operation runs smoothly we will possibly be opening the wall to general public use next year. To ensure the operation and use of the ice wall for years to come, please respect the rules and always keep safety first when around the ice wall ! Come check it out, but stay on the outside of the roped off area as ice fall is a likely hazard. We are excited about this new addition to are facility and look forward to sharing it with our APU community! Thank you for everyone who has helped in this building process!

Amanda Montavon
Assistant Director of Rec. Programs


  1. wow that sounds like a great idea, i wish we had this at my old college.

  2. Can’t wait!

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