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On the trail with the Glaciology and Glacier Travel Course

Students attending the May Block course Glaciology and Glacier Travel left Anchorage early this morning for Eklutna Lake.  Today’s warm sun and clear skies provided spectacular views of the mountains. The thinning ice covering the lake is allowing the deep blue colors to emerge from below.

The first night will be spent at the Serenity Falls hut. To reach the hut participants hike the 7  miles along the lake side trail and and another 5 through steep canyons. The hike turned to skiing near the East Fork where snow conditions made hiking difficult.

Glaciology and Glacier Travel class

Since 2007, data gathered by teams of Earth Science graduate and undergraduate students have helped document Eklutna glacier’s slow retreat and volume decline. Read more about the project and active learning at APU.


  1. Christy Hanson says:

    Gosh, such fun courses!
    What do you all eat to survive these miles-long treks?

  2. Sigh… we don’t have mountains where I live. You guys should feel really happy with the opportunities you get. I’m soooo jealous! :)


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