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Brad Harris

Assistant Professor of Marine Biology

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  • Ph.D. Fisheries Oceanography, University of Massachusetts – Graduate School of Marine Science
  • M.Sc. Fisheries Oceanography, University of Massachusetts – Graduate School of Marine Science
  • B.Sc. Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Texas A&M University

Research Interests

Spatial ecology, geostatistics, fish growth and movement, fisheries stock assessment and management, fishing gear impacts, fishing gear conservation engineering, aquatic habitat mapping, and natural resource law and policy.


Prof. Harris was born and raised near Homer, Alaska. Prior to becoming a professor he commercially fished salmon in Prince William Sound and Upper Cook Inlet, worked aboard the AK Dept of Fish & Game Research Vessel Pandalus, and captained an oil spill response vessel in the Beaufort Sea. He is a scientific SCUBA diver and was a USCG licensed Captain (100-200 GT) and Able Seaman for many years. He is currently the Director of the Marine Biology Degree Program and teaches Marine Field Work, Ichthyology, Survey of Marine Biology, Applied Fisheries Research, and Fisheries Ecology.

His research laboratory, the Fisheries, Aquatic Science & Technology (FAST) Lab, merges APU’s unique blend of intensive and traditional coursework with applied research to engage undergraduate and graduate students in fisheries and aquatic science projects which directly serve local, state, national and international needs.

The FAST Lab presently employs 10 graduate and 16 undergraduate researchers and has funding from NOAA, NASA Alaska Spacegrant, the North Pacific Research Board, At-sea Processors Association, and Apache Alaska Corp. and partnerships with a broad range of State, Federal, Academic, and Private groups including the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Fish &Wildlife Service, NOAA Fisheries, US Geological Survey, the University of Massachusetts, the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, and Kuskokwim River Watershed Council.

Prof. Harris has published 23 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in journals including Continental Shelf Research, Fisheries Research, Fisheries Oceanography, ICES Journal of Marine Science, and Marine and Ecology Progress Series. His work on natural resource law and policy has been published in the Journal of Politics and Law and the American Bar Association’s Journal – Natural Resources and the Environment .

Presently he serves as an expert on the International Council for Exploration of the Sea’s Fishing Technology and Fish Behavior Working Group, and Scallop Assessment Working Group as well as the New England Fisheries Management Council’s Habitat Plan Team, and the North Pacific Fisheries Council’s Scallop Plan Team.

Prof Harris is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Marine Sciences.

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