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Associate Professor of Human Services

• Ed.D. Intercultural Communication, Boston University
• M.A.T. Adult Learning, Alaska Pacific University
• M.A. Political Philosophy & China Studies, University of Colorado
• B.A. Political Science, University of Colorado

I love working with adult learners. The students in the Human Services degree program bring with them a wealth of life experience and knowledge, enriching our classrooms with their contributions to discussion. We are engaged together on a journey of personal and professional growth.

I have lived in Alaska communities from Kotzebue in the Northwest Arctic to Sitka in the Southeast rainforest. My experiences with the people and land have taught me much. I continue to learn, and to teach what I have learned. I am especially interested in the healing power of stories. The methods learned in courses and workshops I’ve offered on this topic have been used successfully with people in substance abuse treatment centers, domestic violence and sexual assault programs and support groups throughout Alaska and in the lower 48. Many have enjoyed reframing their life challenges in recognition of the enhanced strength and wisdom gained by writing the story of their own “heroic journeys.”

Another area of interest to me is collaborative decision making. I believe that decisions can be made wisely and with the input and interests of all those affected, when an effective structured process is lead by a skilled facilitator. Over the years I have refined the collaborative process based on my own experience as a professional mediator and facilitator. I have taught this process through workshops and university courses since 1984.

In addition to my love of education I enjoy reading, craft work, travel, walking in natural surroundings, being with family and friends, and being on, in, or near any body of water. I have a strong spiritual commitment and believe we are all one family on this earth. Together, we can eliminate all forms of prejudice and bring about that peace and prosperity foretold by the great world traditions.