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Adjunct Professor of Education

• Ed.D. University of Michigan

I love teaching Alaska Pacific University students. I love learning and helping people achieve their goals. Teaching enables me to work in the realm of learning and to help people realize personal and career goals. In turn I hope my Alaska Pacific University students will help their future K–8 students achieve their full potential.

During my 24 year career with the Anchorage School District I have been a classroom teacher in many grades in several schools. I also served as an itinerant specialist in Science and in Math working in almost every school throughout the district designing curriculum, training teachers and working with community members. My Alaska certificates include K–6 teaching and K–12 administration. I have supervised student teachers throughout Alaska for several universities. I have been teaching university courses since 1984.

In life beyond my work at APU I serve as Director of the Chugiak Eagle River Food Pantry. I like to get in our beautiful Alaskan outdoors, skiing, boating and hiking.

Active learning is important for K–12 students and for university students as well. In the classroom and in practicum, my students do and think about what they do. Many of my lessons include a lesson within a lesson. Students take part in an integrated hands-on, minds-on learning experience such as properties of minerals geared for their future K–8 students and then step back outside of the K–8 lesson, ask “what does this mean to us as future teachers” and consider education issues such as planning, assessment and differentiation of the lesson.