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Career Assessments

You can use career assessments alone or with a career counselor to collect information about your strengths and what field may suit you best.
Some examples of commonly used career and self assessments are as follows (remember that assessments are tools to offer information and do not diagnose you or make choices for you!)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This test offers a type indicator that includes characteristics and temperament. It tells you about your personality style and can help you to chose the best career for your style.

Alaska Career Information Services (AKCIS)

The AKCIS database is a resource of the Alaska Post-Secondary Commission of Higher Education and available to all APU students at no cost. The database provides a number of career assessments as well as the ability to allow you to share your profile with our office which will allow us to provide tailored services via the AKCIS database.
login: akpacific
password: 4akcis