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Master of Arts Program

Your degree for all reasons

‘MAP was the exact right place to complete a meaningful degree in health care policy that advances my personal and professional development.’ – Patti McGuire, MAP graduate and APU trustee

Designed for working professionals seeking to convert passion studies into an advanced degree, APU’s Master of Arts Program rewards students ready for self-paced learning and personalized guidance.

Expect to work closely with your professional mentor and APU academic adviser as you design an individualized study plan. Your MAP degree accommodates workplace learning opportunities while you complete graduate-level academic research, writing and project presentation.

Your MAP degree rewards personal achievement while it enhances a range of professional skills.

Master of Arts graduates have completed capstone projects demonstrating excellence in areas like

  • dramatic arts
  • curriculum development
  • comparative religious studies
  • advanced classroom teaching

Advisers and mentors are your guides

Your MAP degree is a three-stage program involving you in self-paced research, practical application and a mastery project.

Each stage is shaped by contract learning – your individualized course of study formed by consulting with your APU academic adviser and your professional mentors. They’re enlisted from inside and outside the University and offer specialized expertise to complement your MAP goals.

MAP positions you for higher education, enhanced career opportunities and productive, lifelong learning.

Recent graduates are using their degrees in fields like

  • documentary filmmaking
  • creative writing
  • art therapy
  • advanced classroom teaching

‘MAP attracts incredibly self-motivated students. They arrive with ambitious ideas and produce self-paced study plans that make the most of their APU education.’ – MAP academic adviser and APU writing instructor David Onofrychuk, MFA

Application Date Requirements

August 1st for Fall, December 1st for Spring, April 1st for Summers

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