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How the Semester Works

Before Early Honors students even take their first course, they have the opportunity to take advantage of this special APU tradition in which they can bond with fellow Early Honors students, get to know APU faculty, staff and student leaders, and learn about camping and traveling in Alaska’s great outdoors. In this outdoor classroom, students will experience active learning provided by APU’s Outdoor Programs team, and, well, have a whole lot of fun. Now that’s an orientation!

Fall Semester



Critical Thinking(Required Course)

Among the first classes you’ll complete, Critical Thinking bridges high school and college by exploring the difference between information recall and logical analysis. Think of it as a course in thinking about thinking. Learn to question, examine and communicate effectively by applying strategies like inductive and deductive reasoning – abilities you’ll use throughout college and life.



Argumentative Writing(Required Course)

Give your reasoning skills a workout in Argumentative Writing by learning to research efficiently and write persuasively. Typically taken immediately after your Critical Thinking class, Argumentative Writing helps you develop as a concise, clear, accurate and ethical writer. You’ll learn to recognize ways that purpose and audience shape all effective writing.

Math & Science Courses

Early Honors academic advisers track your interest in math and science—courses that can help distinguish your college application. We help you succeed by placing you in classes that reward your ability and challenge you to advance. Early Honors students enroll in classes taught by regular APU math and science faculty, giving you a head start on college-level material and expectations.

Spring Semester



Travel Course(Optional)

Early Honors travel courses are scheduled during the January block period. Destinations are chosen based on potential for experiential learning, challenging coursework, affordability and suitability of activities for high school-age students. The travel course elective is priced separately from your tuition.



You Choose

From Politics to Communication and Psychology, you find the courses that build your educational resume. For those interested in engineering or pre-med, you will want to stay focused on math and science—taking an entire sequence of science and maintaining your quantitative skills will give you an advantage as you go forward in these demanding fields.

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