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Choose the Expedition Alaska course that’s right for you

Natural History of Alaska

Leslie Cornick

Leslie Cornick, Ph.D.
A good choice for prospective science majors, this course introduces you to regional animals and plants as well as geology of terrestrial and coastal ecosystems. Time spent in Anchorage focuses on principles of scientific inquiry and observation techniques.  Travel along the Yukon provides in-depth field study. Satisfies the foundational study requirement for Biological/Physical Scientific Inquiry.


Introduction to Wilderness Skills

Michael Kaplan

Michael Kaplan, Ph.D.
Learn the basics of safe, efficient wilderness travel on land and water in this course offering priority registration for Outdoor Studies majors. Apply your classroom knowledge during our paddle canoe expedition along the Yukon River. Topics include introduction to expedition planning, equipment, rations, camping and hazard recognition.


The Human Dilemma: Introduction to Sustainability

Tim Rawson

SUS 11000
Timothy Rawson, Ph.D.
An interdisciplinary course involving you in the dialog over the future of Earth and how humans manipulate nature for our purposes. Examine the roles of technology, energy demands, and ways that natural sciences intersect with social sciences. Grow your understanding of sustainability through both theory and practical exploration as we travel from Anchorage, to APU’s farm campus in Palmer, and then down the Yukon River visiting rural Alaskan communities.

On-Campus Courses

Epic Journeys (of the Literary Type)


HUM 20606
David Onofrychuk, M.F.A.
For one reason or another, some students may not want to participate in the Yukon journey.  Your option is ‘epic’ none the less.  You will take daytrips to local cultural destinations while exploring ‘journey’ as a theme of graphic novels, classic myths, film, video games and contemporary Alaskan literature.  Ask questions such as: “Why journey at all?” and “What is an epic journey supposed to do for those who undertake it?” and “What role does the concept of ‘the hero’ play in all of this?” This course satisfies the foundational studies requirement for Creative Endeavors.