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What You’ll Need for Expedition Alaska’s Field Experience on the Yukon River

Maybe you have some outdoor experience and plan on bringing your gear to school.  Maybe you’ve never been camping.  Either way, we’ll make sure you have what you need to enjoy this experience—and nothing you need to bring is exotic or expensive.

If you’re an Alaskan, or coming from a state with cold winters, you probably have most of what you’ll need.  APU will provide all the camping and float gear, so all you need to consider is your personal gear, primarily clothing appropriate for the outdoors.

APU will have available these items (at no cost to you):

  • sleeping bags and pads
  • life jackets
  • dry bags for packing gear
  • We will supply all the group gear: tents, cooking, boats, first aid kits . . .

 The Basics for Personal Gear:

Please do not bring cotton clothing.  Synthetic or wool layers work best to keep you warm and dry.  If you need to buy any of these items, we suggest you try to save money and shop early or take advantage  of any sales either online or at your local outdoor retailer.   These items do NOT need to be name brand or too expensive.


  • 3 pairs of Socks – thick wool or synthetic
  • Hiking Boots or Sneakers that fit with the thick socks
  • Rubber boots- Knee high  (APU can provide)

Upper Body (Insulating layers)

  • Light Weight top- long sleeve
  • Mid. Weight top – sweater
  • Warm fleece, synthetic or down fill jacket (APU can provide)
  • Windbreaker or wind shell jacket

Lower Body (Insulating layers)

  • Light weight long underwear
  • Thick weight long underwear/pants
  • Boxers, briefs, bikinis or bloomers (cotton is acceptable)


  • Baseball cap
  • Warm wool or fleece hat


  • Warm fleece or wool s gloves
  • Light weight liner glove (optional)


  • Personal water bottle
  • Basic toiletries: hairbrush, toothbrush, lip balm, etc.
  • Bandanna/handkerchief
  • Camera, binoculars (optional)
  • Sunglasses
  • Small headlamp or flashlight
  • Notebook/pens/mechanical pencils
  • A small backpack
  • Personal medications:  Rx, contact solution, ibuprofen, etc.

That’s it! We will work with each of you during the first week of school to make sure you have everything.

We’ll be on the Yukon River at the peak of autumn, which means we’ll have some frosty nights. Daytime temperatures will be around fifty degrees. Interior Alaska has a dry climate, but we might see some drizzly conditions.

And when those nights are clear, we’ll be able to walk away from the campfire and see either splendid stars or the Northern Lights.