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Past Expedition Reflections

Bantz: Expedition Alaska is ‘transformative’

Among faculty traveling the Yukon River with APU’s Expedition Alaska course was University President Don Bantz. He’s back at his desk, giving thought to Expedition AK 2014, and sends along these thoughts:

I’ve taught in several first-year college programs that I thought were excellent, but nothing even remotely resembling Expedition Alaska.

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Expedition Alaska returns from the Yukon River: ‘It was a great trip!’

Students on a faculty-led Yukon River float trip are back on campus after completing the field portion of Expedition Alaska, the University’s unique first-year experience class centered on active learning.

“This is a dramatic way to learn personal responsibility,” said Simon Frez-Albrecht, an Outdoor Studies major and among Expedition teaching assistants.

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Pinholes, Xtratufs and a whole lot of pasta: Expedition Alaska heads for the Yukon River

Days of safety training and classroom learning are about to pay off for University students departing Sept. 3 for Alaska’s remote Interior and a 158-mile float trip along the Yukon River.

“For some of them, this is the first time they’ve put on a life jacket,” said Simon Frez-Albrecht, an Outdoor Studies major and among teaching assistants recruited for Expedition Alaska.

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Alaska’s storied Yukon River is a classroom without walls for new students in 2013

Alaska Pacific University has unveiled a first-of-its-kind course that combines active learning and academic excellence with only-in-Alaska backcountry adventure.

Starting in September, students who are new to college or new to APU may enroll in a four-week introduction-to-college class whose centerpiece is a float trip along a portion of the legendary Yukon River.

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