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Jim Mahaffey Trail System

Explore our 175-acre campus & connect to the Anchorage Trail System

Jim Mahaffey Trail System

When construction of the ski trail system first began in 1967, it consisted of a 1 km lighted loop with shorter supporter loops, and was the first lighted ski trail in Anchorage.

Today, our trail system provides 5 km of continuous trails and is an integral part of the whole Anchorage Trail system, which includes Hillside/Service, Bicentennial Park, Chester Creek Greenbelt, the Coastal Trail and Kincaid Park.

The topography of the APU trails contains no large hills or especially challenging terrain. This makes our trail system the perfect “out the door” opportunity for our APU students without having to drive elsewhere. Complete Trail System Maps are available at the Moseley Sports Center.

Trail Etiquette:

  • Do not ride your bike on muddy trails, please wait until June to start riding. Making sure the trails are dry before riding will keep the trails from eroding.
  • Keep your dog on a leash.
  • Do not take mountain bikes, dogs, or horses on xc ski trails. Use only designated multi-use trails.
  • Do not walk/run on groomed ski trails.
  • Avoid walking/running on diagonal xc ski tracks.
  • Move off trail to allow grooming equipment to pass.
  • Avoid skiing right after groomers have groomed trails. It takes 2-4 hours for the freshly groomed trails to set up.
  • Do not ski the wrong way on one way trails. Keep to the right on two-way trails.
  • Do not skate on diagonal (classic ski) tracks.
  • Respect the wildlife. Enjoy watching, but don’t hassle them.
  • If you fall, please move to the side of the trail as soon as you can.
  • Please let others know that you are approaching them from behind by politely calling out “trail” or “on your left/right”.
  • If you are skiing fast and come upon slower skiers, please reduce your speed while you pass on their left – then take off again once you have passed them. Think of other skiers as yield signs.
  • Downhill skiers have the right-of-way.
  • Fill in sitzmarks (disturbed snow left when you fall)

Ski & Bike Rentals are Available!

Contact APU’s Outdoor Programs’ equipment room to rent either cross country skis, skate skis or a fat tire bike. Call 907-564-8614 for more information.

View our Equipment Rentals and Prices