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Team Description (age 18+)

The Senior/Elite program is comprised of athletes 18-and-up who are either undergraduate students at Alaska Pacific University or post-graduate elite athletes. All of the individuals in this group have demonstrated a clear commitment to cross country skiing.

The University contingent of the program explores a unique opportunity to combine high-level skiing and college classes simultaneously. Our program is not affiliated with the NCAA so there are no minimum requirements for credits or rules against traveling or receiving sponsorships or prize money. The academic schedule at APU is a combination of short blocks and (longer) semesters which allows for an incredible amount of flexibility for racing, traveling, and training. We believe the APU system is ideal for athletes that wish to be named to the US Ski Team, Ski on the World Cup, and compete in the Olympics.

The post-graduate elite athletes are people who have demonstrated a high level of success in their earlier years of racing and wish to pursue the next level of competition.

The senior/elite team trains together year round. During the summer months the team trains at the Thomas Training Center on Eagle Glacier. This allows APU athletes to have on-snow training every month of the year!

The primary focus of the senior/elite team is long-term development of athletes who will bring home national, international and Olympic medals to the United States and Alaska in 2008 and beyond. Affiliation with this team is based on performance and results.

For more information about this program, please contact APUNSC Program Director/Elite Coach, Erik Flora.

**In addition to the senior/elite team APU has a strong club team that is active in the local ski scene. The group trains together, attends races, puts on races, and is very active in the Anchorage Nordic Ski Community. This is open to any APU student, regardless of ski experience.