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Women’s 1-Day

This program is for women wanting to ski 1-day/week with an experienced and cheerful coach. It is assumed that people enrolling in the program will have a basic knowledge of both skate and classical techniques. Instruction time will be split evenly between techniques. Practices will focus on technique instruction, getting a decent workout, and camaraderie on the ski trails! This is a great way to meet other women that like to ski! Practice locations will primarily be Hilltop and Kincaid and/or Upper Huffman in the early season. If there isn’t enough snow to ski for the first organized session, practice will entail training on foot with ski poles. Communication for the group will occur over email and the practice schedule will be available online. This program is limited to women only. The approximate start day is the middle of October. The program usually runs through the last week of February.

This program is extremely popular and usually fills up quickly. If you are interested in getting on the list for the official program announcement (Registration, etc) please email

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