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Dining Services

Students eating lunch in AtwoodGood food, good times…APU Food Services has it all

Here at APU, we know that it’s important to stay fueled up to keep up with your in & out of class activities. In Food Services, we are proud to offer healthy and convenient meal options for our students, staff & faculty in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Take some time to look over all that we have to offer, and we hope to see you in our dining room soon!

Delivering quality dining experiences and excellence in service

It is our goal in Food Services to help you on your path to success as a student by providing you well-balanced meal options during the school year. We strive for excellence in our service to you so that every time you join us for a meal you leave feeling satisfied.

We hope to enrich your dining experience by making it eventful and enjoyable. In addition to American cuisine, we also offer ethnic dishes, vegetarian options, and special events. Plus, we work hard to keep pace with your ever-changing schedules, lifestyles, preferences and nutritional needs.

Committed to your success every step of the way

Attention to detail, going the extra mile and simply being available for any need enhances the level of service each student receives, and ultimately benefits you in your daily endeavors to succeed as a student.

We are committed to your success and to helping you achieve your goals. Maintaining outstanding service has become even more important as we embrace quality dining experiences and enjoying meals away from home.

Our responsibility is not taken lightly – your success is vital to our success