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Farmer’s Market, Dining, Coffee Cart

Students eating lunch in AtwoodAll students living on campus are automatically enrolled in a meal plan. For students living in North and South Atwood, each week nineteen meals are available in the McMillen Student Center from the beginning of classes (or Orientation) through graduation day. For residents living in Segelhorst Hall or University Village, students obtain a $500 credit per semester of Farmer’s Market options, dining hall meals, or Ground Theory Coffee Cart purchases.

For APU students and community members not living in campus housing, a ‘cash and carry’ option as well as discounted punch cards are offered for Atwood meals and beverages.

Atwood Center pricing options:

  • Breakfast: $8.75
  • Lunch: See Denali Grill Menu
  • Dinner $13.25
  • Meal Card (13 punches) $125.00
  • Meal Card (13 lunches only) $99.00