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Contract Terms & Conditions

Atwood in WinterBe sure to review our Policies and Guidelines for Residential Living as well.

Alaska Pacific University offers residence hall accommodations in accordance with the guidelines set by the University. The University does not discriminate against any applicant on the basis of race, sex, color, disability, national origin, religion, creed, age, marital status, change in marital status, sexual preference, citizenship or authorized alien status, veteran or disabled veteran status or Vietnam veteran status or any other classification protected by law.

The Housing Contract: Students may select contracts for a single semester or for the academic year, but no month-to-month contracts are offered. Students may not sell or lease any portion of their contract/room to another individual. The contract becomes effective with the assignment of a room and the issuing of the room assignment letter. The contract term commences on the opening date of the academic term you marked on your contract OR, the day you move into the residence hall if you sign up and move in after the first ten days of an academic term. Charges are not prorated during the first or last ten days of a term.

Security Deposit: A $400 security deposit is due with the contract. The purpose of the deposit is: (1) faithful performance of the agreement, and (2) for damages beyond normal wear and tear. The $400 deposit does not represent the maximum liability for fees associated with damages or violating terms of this agreement.

Room Assignments: Students will be assigned rooms provided they are fully admitted full time students in good standing (academically, financially, and with the Dean of Students office) at the time room assignments are made. Assignments will not be given to students with a felony conviction unless approved by the Dean of Students. Students must maintain full time status to reside on campus or get approval from the Director of Campus Life. Assignments cannot be made without first receiving a completed contract and the $400 housing deposit (unless special arrangements are approved by the Director of Campus Life). Housing priority is given to students returning to the housing program and then to new students based on the date the contract was received. Changes in room assignments may be requested through the Campus Life Office. All changes must be approved by the Campus Life Office. The University reserves the right to reassign students either temporarily or permanently for safety, administrative, or disciplinary reasons with 48 hours notice. The University is not responsible for paying any of the fees associated with the required changes (i.e. cable television, phone service).

Payment: All payments for Room and Board costs must be made through the Student Financial Services office in Grant Hall. The student must pay the appropriate fees as published by Campus Life (or provide proof of Financial Aid deferment) prior to occupancy. If the student fails to pay the appropriate housing fees according to this agreement, the student will be assessed all costs associated with the collection of this debt. The student will be unable to enroll in future semesters at APU until the account is paid in full or a payment plan is set up with Student Financial Services.

Refunds: Refunds for room and board charges for residents who move out of the Residence Halls before the end of the contract period are generally prorated based on the check out date. Upon request, the $400 deposit, less any deductions for charges or damages, will be returned to the student approximately eight (8) weeks after the end of the student’s final agreement session. If a student has outstanding financial obligations to the university, this deposit may be held or applied to any balance.

Behavior: Residents are required to observe the Student Conduct Policy and Campus Life behavior policies as outlined in the APU Campus Life Handbook or be held liable for sanctions levied through Campus Life and/or the Dean of Students Office. Residents’ contracts may be terminated for causes of behavior code violations and are therefore subject to contract cancellation provisions and charges.

Meal Plan: The Meal Plan begins on move in day and ends on the last day of class during the contract period. Students residing in North and South Atwood are required to purchase a Meal Plan or make other arrangements with the Dean of Students. Changes in the meal plan can only be made during the first week of Block or the first week of Session for that portion of the semester. Meal service is not available for the period between semesters.

Those not on the Meal Plan may opt to purchase a meal card. Any unused meals left on meal cards remaining at the end of the semester will not be reimbursed. Meals may not be transferred to any other person. The Meal plan allows “to go” meals for the students unable to eat during regular meal times if advance notice is given to Dining Services.

Cancellation: If a student has moved into the residence halls and intends to cancel his/her contract before it ends, termination notice must be given in writing to the Campus Life Office. Students moving off campus after occupancy are subject to a $500 cancellation fee and prorated room and board charges. Charges are not prorated during the first or last ten days of a term. Cancellation fees will be waived under the following conditions:

  • You have completed your academic program
  • You are withdrawing, transferring, or otherwise leaving school
  • You are relocating back with parents or moving in with a spouse

Requests for other exemptions to the cancellation fee may be made to the Director of Campus Life but they are rarely granted.

The contract may be terminated upon notice given by the University or notice of cancellation given by the student. All cancellation notices must be in writing. Failure to follow appropriate cancellation or move out procedures may obligate the student for room and board charges. If a first time contracted student has not moved into the residence halls, he or she may cancel the contract by contacting the Campus Life Office in writing. After June 1, the cancellation fee prior to occupancy for first time contracted students is the $400 deposit. The fee does not apply if the student is not admitted to APU. If a student on a returning student contract has not moved into the residence halls, he or she may cancel the contract by contacting the Campus Life Office in writing. The cancellation fee for returning student contracts is a $500 fee regardless of the cancellation date.

Property: The University is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal property. Residents are encouraged to purchase their own personal property insurance. Charges for property loss or damage to University owned property will be assessed by the Campus Life office and be taken out of the student’s housing deposit. Charges in excess of the $400 deposit will become bills owed to Alaska Pacific University.

Check outs: Any time a student moves out of a room/suite/house they are responsible for checking out with a Campus Life staff member or Resident Assistant and following the standard checkout procedure. These steps are as follows: Schedule a checkout appointment at least 24 hours in advance with a staff member; Clean your suite or house, including your share of the public areas. This includes vacuuming, dusting, and trash removal; Meet with the staff member at the scheduled time for the room inspection, turn in all keys to the staff at this time, and sign the completed check out form. All personal items must be removed from the building prior to checkout; Complete the forwarding address portion of the checkout sheet. An improper checkout fee will be assessed for any personal belongings left behind or if any of the above procedures are not followed. Additionally, any student who fails to check out of his/her residence by the closing date and time will also be subject to late checkout charges.

If you are returning to housing at a later time, your deposit will be held. If not, your deposit will be returned in full to the forwarding address provided, as long as your university account is paid in full and there are no outstanding charges. If your deposit is being forfeited for any reason (charges for damage, cleaning, etc.), these will be deducted from your deposit with the remainder, if any, returned.