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Current Rates

Costs for Living on Campus for 2015-2016

Alaska Pacific University’s campus housing offers students comfort and convenience with easy access to University classes and amenities at a very affordable rate. With the exception of those who have immediate family members in the Anchorage area, all freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus. Our campus housing options vary in price, size, and exclusivity to suit a range of needs and preferences. See the list below for a description of housing options (all prices include utilities and required meal plans*).

South Atwood Hall Semester Cost
Single: $3,300
Double: $3,000

North Atwood Hall Semester Cost
Private: $3,500
Double: $3,300

University Village Semester Cost
Private: $3,000
Double: $2,500

Segelhorst Hall Semester Cost
Private: $3,000

*Meal plans for the Atwood complex include 19 meals per week. Meal plans for University Village and Segelhorst Hall are comprised of $500 for use on a cost-per-item basis.

Cancellation Fees

A cancellation fee will be applied if you move out before the end of your contract (see Terms & Conditions):
Before Occupancy $400 (deposit)
After Occupancy $500