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Housing Options

Offering a variety of rooms to meet each student’s needs

At APU, offering individualized attention also means being able to offer a variety of living options to meet the needs and differences of our students.

You will find that we have several different housing options, including a variety of suite style residences and multi-bedroom duplex houses. All student residences are fully furnished and come with a variety of beds, desks, lamps, chairs and dressers.


South Hall

South Hall is part of the main Atwood Center and is a three-story building composed of twelve suites. Each suite has three bedrooms, a living room and a large bathroom. This is the primary freshman housing option. The building features two common lounges with gaming consoles and television.


North Hall

North Atwood Hall is part of the main Atwood Center complex, and is a three-story building consisting of 20 suites accommodating up to 34 returning and transfer students. All suites have their own bathroom, and living areas. The building features two common lounges with pool table, gaming consoles and television.


University Village

Commonly referred to as “The Row,” the University Village is composed of several two-story duplexes designed for upper-level students seeking an alternative to traditional campus housing. Located just a short walk from the Atwood Center, each unit has three to four bedrooms, a dining area, kitchen, living room, and two full bathrooms.


Segelhorst Hall

The newest of our residential facilities, Segelhorst Hall features apartment-style living and primarily houses upper-classmen and graduate students. Each unit comes fully furnished and features shared bathrooms, full kitchens, and a common living space.


Off Campus Housing

*Meal plans for the Atwood complex include 19 meals per week. Meal plans for University Village and Segelhorst Hall are comprised of $500 for use on a cost-per-item basis.