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South Atwood Hall

Designed for the first year experience at APU

South Atwood is part of the main Atwood Complex area and is a three-story building composed of twelve suites. Each suite has three bedrooms, a living room and a large bathroom.

Freshmen and a few returning students make up the population of South. Based on previous school years, students in South should expect to have 4-6 students per suite from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds.

Historically, South Atwood residents form the strongest and most enduring community on campus.

South also features two common lounges in the building: a first floor lounge with an air hockey table, and a second floor TV lounge.

What’s in a typical suite?

  • Bunkable twin-size beds
  • Desk & desk chair
  • Book shelf with work light above each desk
  • Dresser with closet space
  • Living room sofa, arm chairs & study table
  • Wastebasket
  • Overhead lights
  • Network computer ports
  • Central heating
  • Smoke detectors