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What to Bring

Let this list be your guide as you pack to come to APU

Two students talkingAPU provides each student with a bed, dresser, lamp, desk, and either a wardrobe or a closet. You may consider bringing a computer, but we do have computer labs on campus in case you’re on a tight budget.

Items you will need to bring or purchase upon your arrival in Alaska:

Bed linens and pillow (regular twin size)
Bathroom towels
Hand soap and shampoo
Shower caddie
Laundry detergent & Laundry basket
Quarters for Laundry machine (coin machines are available on site)
Mirror for your room
Alarm clock
Portable CD player / MP3 Player
Cooking utensils
Clothes hangers
Flashlight in case of a power outage (Candles are not permitted in the residence halls)
Surge protectors/Transient voltage surge suppressors (Regular extension cords are NOT permitted)

What NOT to bring to APU:

Pets (fish are permitted in a tank 10 gallons or less)
Illegal drugs or alcohol (APU is a “dry” campus)
Weapons or ammunition of any kind
High wattage electrical appliances such as toasters, hot plates, space heaters, toaster ovens and halogen lamps (University Village and Segelhorst residents can use toasters and toaster ovens in their kitchens)
Candles, incense, fireworks, explosives, gasoline, chemicals, hazardous materials or anything that can create an open flame
Cooking equipment and appliances that are not UL listed

Check with your roommate before coming to campus!

We will provide you with your roommate’s contact information before you come to campus, so don’t forget to talk to each other about things than may be shared in the room, such as stereos, TV, game systems, or microwaves.