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Student Involvement

Gain leadership skills to last a lifetime

In every part of campus life, our students take an active role in leading and developing unique programs and opportunities for their peers. We believe that every student has leadership potential and we are dedicated to helping students develop leadership skills through a wide variety of activities.

There are many benefits to joining a student organization or getting involved in other activities while in school. You will make friends, develop leadership skills, practice working as part of a team, learn to set and achieve goals, share your time and talents, and have fun, too! As you grow at APU, you will find that the more involved you are in the college community, the more you will benefit from your experiences here.

Just because you didn’t find it listed doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist – don’t forget that organizations can vary from year to year, depending on student interest. But just in case, you should know that it’s easy to get a new club or organization started at APU! If you can find other students who are interested in your ideas, bring your idea to ASAPU and they will help you get focused and headed in the right direction.

List of Clubs

Student Assemblies

Residence Hall Council

Recreation Clubs

Basketball Club
DGA (Disc Golf Assoc)
Dive Club
Nordic Ski Club
Trail Running


Music/Speaker Coordinator
Recreation Programmer
Outdoor Programmer

Special Interest/Academic/Social Groups

Turnagain Currents (student newspaper)
Art Club
Campus Ministry
Movie Club
Newman Club
Orbicular Club
Photo Club
Sitting Club

Diversity Clubs


ASAPU/APU Community Projects

Fund Raiser – One year ago ASAPU took on the vending for the entire university community by purchasing vending machines for 4 locations on campus. ASAPU maintains vending buy purchases vending merchandise, stocking and collection of the money.
People Mover – ASAPU pays a yearly fee that allows the entire APU community to ride the city bus for free.