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ASAPU - Your Voice on CampusThe Associated Students of Alaska Pacific University (ASAPU) is the University’s student government. Run by a group of 12 elected student representatives, ASAPU serves as the voice of all students by promoting and coordinating student involvement and by representing the interests, needs and welfare of the student body to the staff, faculty and the Board of Trustees.


Get involved

ASAPU has many opportunities to get involved! There are a variety of informational, entertainment, and recreational opportunities supported by ASAPU such as:

  • Voicing opinions or concerns about decisions that affect the experience of students.
  • Students, appointed by ASAPU, often sit on University committees to select new staff members or to advise decision makers about policies, procedures, fees, and other issues that affect student life.
  • Provides direct financial support to individuals and student organizations who are involved in making a difference.

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ASAPU Documents

ASAPU Constitution


Contact Us

Phone: (907)564-8283

The ASAPU office is located in the back of the first floor of the Atwood Center. Feel free to stop by!