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Be sure to get your APU Parking Decal!

Campus parking is FREE! All APU community members are required to register their vehicles and place an APU Parking Decal on their vehicle windshield. Decals are available from the Campus Safety Office located on the 1st floor of the Atwood Center or at the Grant Hall Information Desk.

Parking permits must be placed on the inside of your driver’s windshield in a location that is easily visible from the outside. Please return parking permits to Campus Safety when/if vehicle ownership changes. Handicapped parking is available for each building.

Parking Violations include:

  • Sleeping in vehicles
  • Parking in front of a fire hydrant
  • Parking in multiple parking spots
  • Parking in a no parking area
  • Parking in handicapped parking without a permit
  • Parking overnight (allowed in the Atwood Main lot and Carr-Gottstein lot )
  • Un-registered campus vehicle (no APU parking permit)
  • Significant vehicle maintenance
  • Parking a recreational vehicle and/or trailer without approval
  • Speeding on APU roadways (25mph limit)
  • Exceeding 15 minute limit in loading zones
  • Reckless driving/endangerment to the community
  • Driving while influenced by drugs/alcohol
  • Possession of a derelict/abandoned vehicle

Parking regulations and violations are enforced by the Campus Safety Office. Consequences for parking violations may include warnings, fines, vehicle booting, and towing.

Additional Campus Parking Information

Alaska Pacific University assumes no responsibility for any damages, theft, or personal injury involving vehicles parked in University lots. Efforts will be made to contact vehicle owners to inform them of vehicle break-ins, hit and run damage, headlights left on or situations in which moving your vehicle is necessary before doing so (snow plowing, construction, etc.).

Electrical outlets are provided for block or circulating car heaters in the Atwood Center parking lot and they are at a first come, first serve status. Vehicles being left on-campus for an extended period of time should have prior permission from the Dean of Student’s office through the Campus Safety Office (907.564.8888).