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Missing Student Notification Policy

Following is a list of titles of the persons or organizations to which APU staff,  students, and faculty should report that a student has been missing for 24 hours.

  • APU:
    • President
    • Dean of Students
    • Director of Campus Life
    • Assistant Director of Campus Life for Campus Safety
    • Dean of Administration and Finance
    • In-Town Coordinator
    • Outdoor Risk Management Committee
  • Municipality of Anchorage Police
  • Alaska State Troopers
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Coast Guard

Students living in an APU housing facility may register a confidential contact person with the Campus Life Office to be notified in the case that the student is determined to be missing. In that event, only authorized campus officials and law enforcement officers in furtherance of a missing person investigation may have access to this information.

All students should be aware that should they be declared missing, even if they have not registered a contact person, local law enforcement will be notified. The parents/guardians of missing students less than 18 years of age and not emancipated will be notified.

Missing student reports will be referred immediately to the Campus Safety office which will notify the Dean of Students immediately.

If an on-campus student has been missing for 24 hours, APU will seek information and notify emergency contacts on file in the Campus Life office. If emergency contacts are unaware of the students location, the Dean of Students office may notify local police agencies.

Students determined to be obviously missing and suspected of being potential victims of accidents, criminal incidents, or other types of crisis situations may be declared missing with notifications beginning in less than 24 hours if circumstances warrant a faster implementation.