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Direct Services

Our office oversees and coordinates a number of special services and unique opportunities to assist students in gaining the most from their APU experiences:

Campus Orientation Program

Each Fall, our office coordinates a multi-day orientation program for new campus undergraduate students. In the spring a one-day program is offered, for more detailed information visit the New Student Orientation section.

Helping Students in Need

Despite the best efforts of many of our students, each year events happen in their lives where they face unexpected challenges. The Dean of Students is there to help students cope and to offer advice on how to weather difficult periods. Some students come to the Dean of Students seeking advice on how to succeed in classes. For others it can be a family crisis, concerns about a roommate, or issues related to their personal health and well-being. If you need help or confidential advice that will help you succeed in accomplishing your goals, give the Dean’s office a call or drop by the office in Atwood Center.

Emergency Student Loans

Alaska Pacific University offers current students who experience unexpected financial difficulties an opportunity to apply for an emergency student loan. These loans are designed to help students manage short-term, unexpected financial crises – they are not a substitute for regular financial aid awards. There is a $1,000 limit on the loans and most awards are from $100 to $500.

Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for students living within APU housing, international students and students enrolled in courses with foreign travel components. Information on health insurance plan for students is available through the Dean of Students Office.

Voter Registration

Initial registration or registration changes can be made by coming to the Dean of Students office Monday – Friday 8:00-5:00 PM, Atwood Center or on line at

International Student Support

APU has a long history of hosting students from around the world. Students from Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Russia, El Salvador, Myanmar, West Bank, Nigeria, Austria, and elsewhere have attended APU, greatly enriching the university community. The Admissions Office helps prospective international students negotiate the rules and processes that guide students in obtaining F-1 visas. Contact, 907.561.1266 for assistance.