Global Social Entrepreneurship & Journey for Change

Be inspired, ignite your creativity & make a difference in your life and community. Take a Journey for Change!

India BusinessSocial Entrepreneurship is a growing global movement that is changing lives and solving social, environmental, and economic problems in communities around the world.

Social entrepreneurs are making huge strides in turning around poverty stricken communities, addressing environmental issues, providing human rights to the disenfranchised, and bringing about dignity and social justice for the poorest of the poor in many countries around the world. They are using business models and capital markets for inclusive approaches to achieving stakeholder prosperity. These social entrepreneurs are individuals, small non-profits, activists, educators or good Samaritans who are finding creative solutions to their problems. For example, in India social entrepreneurs are creatively tackling issues such as poverty, health care, women’s education, human trafficking and more.

Yaso met many such social entrepreneurs during her sabbatical travels in India in early 2011. She would like to offer you this life changing opportunity to learn and be inspired to make a difference in your own neck of the woods. No matter where your neck of the woods is, this journey course will undoubtedly spur your imagination to make a difference in your life and your own community.

Course Details

Special Topics IS* 480: Global Social Entrepreneurship & Journey for Change (India) (4 credits). See below for description and learning objectives.
(* Interdisciplinary Studies offered through Business Administration Department)

Yaso Thiru will team-teach with colleagues

Who should take it?
Appropriate for Juniors and Seniors from all disciplines.

Anticipated term offered (please indicate preference):
Second Module in Fall 2013 (Mid October through Mid December, 7 weeks long).
January 2014 Block


To North India 12 days on the ground

Approximate Travel Cost (Tuition separate):
$3,000- $3,250 plus airfare from Anchorage to New Delhi

Subsidizing cost of travel
Yaso will help the students plan and carry out a fund raising project related to social entrepreneurship to subsidize the cost of the travel. This adds more dimensions to your learning!

For this reason level of interest and a reasonably firm commitment from you is necessary. The ideal size of the class is 12-15. Your interest and involvement in the planning and fundraising can also help recruit people to make the class a go.

Send your questions to:

Brief description of the course
This course will explore the development of social entrepreneurship around the world and how social entrepreneurs are building capacities, creating innovative solutions to problems, and building sustainable business models for economic prosperity.

Learning objective
Get a clear understanding about the social enterprise business model and how it is used in innovative ways at the grassroots level for solving local problems around the world. Students will gain an appreciation for social & cultural implications of business models and capital markets and explore inclusive approaches to problem solving.

Course plan
• Readings: Introduction to social enterprise development & India
• Travel to India for site visits to meet and hear first hand stories of social entrepreneurs
• Project : The project may be a concept paper, business plan for a social enterprise, a documentary film, a visual or performing art project, photo journal essays, public seminars (if individuals and institutions support your travel this would be a way to showcase what you learned), etc.

Members from the Anchorage community may take the course for a Certificate of Completion by doing the readings and travel only. Cost for certificate: Cost of auditing a course + Journeys cost + Airfare

Required readings
1. Social Entrepreneurship: What everyone needs to know, by David Bornstein and Susan Davis, Oxford University Press, 2010
2. The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating poverty through profits, C.K. Prahalad, Wharton School Publishing, 2005.
3. Various articles of recent origins


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