LS major Bonnie Bagwell, ’12, heads to Disneyworld for internship

Liberal Studies major Bonnie Bagwell has been selected for a Disneyworld photography internship following a national competition.

Bagwell, 19, will join the Disneyworld College Program for summer and fall terms before returning to APU for graduation ceremonies in December. She pursued photography as an APU elective and is a former editor and columnist for the Journal campus newspaper.

Bagwell first arrived at APU in fall 2009 as an Early Honors student from Oswego, Ore. She is pursuing the LS pre-law concentration.

“I’ve had a variety of experiences at APU that prepared me for this internship,” Bagwell said. “The Journal gave me experience asking questions and talking to all kinds of people.” She credited LS speech communication classes for helping her become a more confident public speaker – among attributes she says Disney was looking for in an intern.

In addition to enrolling in summer and fall courses at Disney University in Orlando, Fla., Bagwell will be among roving photographers whose pictures of people enjoying the park are displayed in nightly slide shows. Bagwell said the she is among select interns who were offered slots for both summer and fall.

“A Disneyworld internship is a definite resume builder,” said Bagwell, whose after-graduation plans include law school, culinary school and the Peace Corps. In the meantime, she’s looking forward to another Disneyworld perk: Free haircuts for interns at the park’s on-site salon.