Nathan Van der Most – Outdoor Program Coordinator

Nathan playing kayak polo at the Moseley Pool

Kayak polo at the Moseley Pool

Alumni and Staff member at APU

Nathan is one of those rare people that everyone seems to enjoy. While an undergrad at APU, Nathan studied Outdoor Studies and minored in Business. Not only was he a great student leader in ASAPU (where he was president), he was also an RA and went on numerous trips through Rec and Outdoor programs.

Nathan graduated in in 2009 and worked at another college for a year, before he made his way back to Anchorage. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Nathan, could not stay away from Alaska for too long and made his way back to APU, working again for Outdoor Programs. Today as the Outdoor Program Coordinator, Nathan plans adventures for the community and manages the equipment rentals, weight room and rock wall. Stop by an see him in the Atwood basement aka the ‘Bat Cave’.

Recently Nathan completed an 854 mile bike trip from Deadhorse to Anchorage as a personal challenge and chance to see more of Alaska.

“Why did he go up to the mountain to die, he didn’t, he went there to live.”