Earn your degree. Graduate with professional skills.

Benefit from rigorous coursework and training in a wide variety of counseling modalities while exploring and developing your unique interests. Life-friendly scheduling and fewer pre-requisites make APU’s Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP) an ideal choice for busy, working adults. Gain the practical experience, the professional network and the education you need to apply for the Licensed Professional Counselor credential in Alaska.

Degree Fit

APU’s Master of Science in Counseling Psychology is a wellness and skills-based degree program grounded in a strength based approach to psychology. Whether you’re already a practitioner in a mental health field seeking career advancement, a professional outside the field wanting to change careers, or a recent graduate of a bachelor’s program in psychology or a related field, close mentoring by experienced program faculty and a close knit cohort for your learning community provide the support you need throughout your program to pursue your individual interests and achieve your personal goals. Because MSCP students practice counseling skills from the start, complete year-long internships and graduate with a professional network, they experience fast job placement in Alaska across a range of careers in behavioral and mental health.

Career Outcomes

  • Mental Health Clinician
  • Child and Family counselor
  • Chemical Dependency counselor
  • Doctoral study

Degree Roadmap

Student Profiles

nsheldonMSCP is a good choice if, like me, you’re interested in personal development and growth. At APU you’re not just going to classes. You’re part of a community. -Nicole Sheldon (MSCP, 2007)
cmackIt wasn’t just about going to school and learning. The connection to your cohort and the faculty made the program so meaningful. You got the message that if you were going to dig into other people’s lives, you had to be willing to do that with your own life. I learned what self-care really is, and the value and necessity of it for people in the healing professions. I just thrived while I was at APU. -Carlette Mack (MSCP, 2001)


Explore the art and science of being a human being with the Department of Counseling Psychology, where we emphasize positive psychology, applied learning and take a wellness and strengths-based approach to counseling and the helping fields. With small class sizes, challenging courses and individualized attention from a dedicated faculty, our life-friendly degree programs prepare students from the bachelor’s to the doctoral level to work immediately in the third-fastest growing profession in the U.S. and to lead the changes they desire to see in their communities and in the world.

Renee Georg:

People are fascinating! In Counseling Psychology we study people, what they do, how they think, and how experiences impact their lives and attitudes; we study ourselves. Upon graduation, students are prepared to enter the helping professions, to gain admission to graduate school, and to apply what they have learned about people to a wide variety of career and life goals.

Counseling Psychology Department