Degree Fit

msesThe Master of Science in Environmental Science (MSES) is a great option for those seeking careers in the natural sciences as well as working professionals seeking a degree to advance in their workplace and in their career. Work with your faculty advisor to identify your goals and create an individualized program of courses and field experiences to achieve them. The Environmental Science faculty is pursuing a broad range of projects across the sciences. You will work closely with faculty whose research programs and interests align with your own. This program welcomes part-time students.

Career Outcomes

  • Public and private agencies
  • Consulting and advocacy
  • Doctoral and law programs

Degree Roadmap

Student Profiles

I like the flexibility of the program and how hands-on the projects are. I like that APU is a small community. You know all your classmates and professors and they know you, too. I like that there have been opportunities for me to do the things that I’m interested in, like science diving and taking care of the aquariums. -Anne Benolkin, Master of Science, Environmental Science, 2015


Your future as a scientist starts now.

Are you interested in the workings of the natural world? How glaciers are formed? How marine mammals dive to the depths? How fisheries are managed? The impacts of climate change? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The APU Environmental Science department has the majors that will help you address the most pressing questions in Earth Science, Marine Biology, and Environmental Science in the 21st century. You’ll engage in cutting edge research with world class faculty, get out into the field to study natural processes in the pristine environment of Alaska and locations around the globe. You’ll work with leaders in our collaborating institutions, agencies, and industry. And you’ll gain the critical thinking, deep knowledge, and real skills that will prepare you for graduate school and a competitive job market.

Environmental Science Department