Sonja Olson – Staff Member

Assistant Director of Campus Life for Residential Programs and Activities

In the summer of 2008, Sonja Olson joined the APU family, where she started out supervising Campus Safety and is now running Residential Programs and Activities in Campus Life. Sonja is a seasoned Student Affairs professional, who has worked in South Dakota, Washington State, and now here in Alaska. Her great work ethic and fun personality has enabled her to be recognized as a standout leader amongst her peers.

Once you get a chance to meet Sonja, you can tell that she is passionate about helping students. Her daily efforts to improve the student experience at APU have not gone unnoticed and she has been recognized by her peers and supervisors many times over for her exemplary work. Sonja has volunteered for many committees, leadership positions on Staff Assembly, and if there is an event on campus, you can be sure she has helped out in some way or form. Her due diligence is something that students can count on and the events she plans are well attended by, Staff, Faculty, Early Honors students, Campus Undergraduates, Graduate Students, and Adult Undergraduate student populations.

Sonja Olson dressing as DumbledoreSonja’s favorite experience at APU so far, was dressing up as Dumbledore from Harry Potter for an event that was held on campus. Students got very involved and the decorations and costumes were great. Sonja’s costume was spot on, as you can tell in the picture featured for this profile.

So if you are on campus and are looking for something to do, stop on by Campus Life in the Atwood Student Center and meet Sonja.
Quote: “APU offers a unique opportunity to live, work, and play with your classmates, professors, and staff.”