Spreadsheet risk modeling is focus of new text by APU’s Lehman

Economics professor Dale Lehman has co-authored a textbook in risk analytics, a rapidly developing field with potential to refine decision making in business and other areas with public policy implications.

Practical spreadsheet risk modeling for management combines theory, case studies, instruction and exercises drawn from real-world projects and data from a range of industry sectors. Lehman says he wanted a textbook that presented spreadsheet model building as a practical tool that does not require familiarity with advanced mathematics.

Focusing on use of the ModelRisk software, Lehman’s book helps put applied spreadsheet model building for risk analysis within reach of users in areas such as engineering, medicine and environmental planning, as well as business. Modeling of expert opinion and frequency-severity modeling are among up-to-date topics covered.

“The book is a one-stop resource for virtually anyone in a field that’s amenable to spreadsheet modeling,” Lehman said.

Lehman’s co-authors are Huybert Groenendaal, a Colorado-based consultant, and Greg Nolder, an Alaska-based banker. Practical spreadsheet risk modeling for management was published in 2012 by Taylor & Francis.