Homer and Homeward-Bound Essays

Kristin Vantrease

Kristin Vantrease is from Homer. She came to APU as a transfer student, wanting to bring closure to her prior studies that had been scattered across disciplines like Outdoor Studies, Religion Studies, and Literature. She also wanted to focus on her passion for writing – and the experiences she has gained beyond school as a professional fisherman.

Kristin is completing her BA in Liberal Studies, and says,

“My senior project is a conglomeration of personal, non-fiction essays. Originally, I thought my project would revolve around the role of the wilderness in the Bible, but I learned through my research and reading, that much of what I had been hoping to write had already been written.”

“In an effort to do more than just rewrite the words of others, I started thinking about what hasn’t been said yet. Stories from my families’ history, my past experiences, and my friends’ lives came to mind. I wanted to communicate fresh stories and new insights to old topics – and when I say new, I mean new in the way that the sweater I just bought at Value Village is new again. The result is a series of essays revolving around the importance of people and their place, what ‘home’ means, and what it means to wander and be found.”