Research by MSES students is showcased at gatherings of Earth Science professionals

Master’s degree students in APU’s Environmental Science Department have been invited to present their thesis-related findings at several professional conferences.

Ann Marie Larquier at Eklutna

Ann Marie Larquier at Eklutna

MSES graduate Ann Marie Larquier presented her thesis research at a meeting of the American Water Resources Association in Fairbanks. She discussed glacial influences on water resources of the Eklutna Basin, the Anchorage-area watershed and a focus of ongoing funded research managed by APU. The association met in April 2011 in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Louis Sass, a 2011 MSES graduate employed as a physical scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey, presented a portion of his thesis at the 18th annual conference sponsored by International Union for Quaternary Research in Bern, Switzerland. Sass’s presentation described Eklutna Glacier, an over-deepened alpine glacier with an unstable response to climate change.

MSES graduate Katie Goodwin, 2011, submitted a poster on managing human waste on Mount McKinley to the George Wright Society Conference on Parks, Protected Areas and Cultural Sites.

Goodwin’s work has implications as the National Park Service seeks to understand possible environmental and human health effects stemming from the roughly 100 metric tons of human waste crevassed by climbers who have attempted McKinley since 1970.

Goodwin’s poster, “How tough are bacteria?” was presented in March 2011 at the conference in New Orleans, La.