The New Face of Nature in the Last Frontier: Creating a Digital Resource Guide for Environmental Educators in Alaska

Enviro&ResourceEducationThesis project by APU Outdoor and Environmental Education graduate student Jennifer Stein

The purpose of this project was to create a single, streamlined source of information for Alaskan educators seeking to provide most relevant and pertinent environmental and resource education for their students. It has taken more than 100 hours to complete this database, proving that there are many different types of opportunities within the state. A simple Google search can yield an overwhelming amount of information for a busy educator or student teacher, and sometimes it is even hard to know where to start. For example, some organizations target specific regions, while others have operations statewide, and a few are wholly comprised of web-based content. I am certain that through using this database, you are bound to find a handful of groups you weren’t even aware were out there!

How do I use this resource?

This database has been broken down into three pages for ease-of-use, and can also be downloaded with full content. The paged labeled EE & RE Educational Content identifies organizations that have web-based content or previews of site-based programming. Some entities even provide curricula that correspond to AK State Education Standards, checkout kits for classroom discovery, and links to distance delivery programs and presentations. Please review the following operational definitions, as they may be different here than in other disciplines. This database utilized the following six (6) identifiers to define the different types of education offered by each organization:

  • Formal, classroom-type with instruction (indoor or outdoor setting)
  • Informal, self-guided discovery including trails or exhibits with signage or pamphlets
  • Professional, professional development opportunity for certified teachers
  • Para-professional, professional development or personal enrichment for non-certified teachers
  • Recreational, may or may not include instruction or outdoor/wilderness education, field trip location
  • Other, anything else, including web-based education content, individual assistance, or nothing

Can I share this information?

Feel free to explore this database content, and share with all of your AK educator friends! With more than a hundred different organizations, one is bound to have just you are looking for to provide an awesome educational experience for you and your students! This post is simply a preview of the initial version of the directory. Future versions will have a more permanent home at, so be sure to check there in the future. Also, be sure to check out the printable 2013-2014 Environmental and Resource Education Guide which highlights even more programs and activities within this great state!

Download Educator’s Guide (PDF)