Thiru and Krupa are among invited presenters on change in higher education

Yaso Thiru, APU associate professor of accounting and management, teamed with APU Assistant Professor Meagan Krupa for an invited presentation at Arizona State University on ways to transform higher education in the face of a changing world economy.

Thiru and Krupa discussed ways that social entrepreneurship education could advance Alaska Pacific University as a resilient community. Thiru and Krupa presented a workshop, Open sourcing social entrepreneurship education: Accelerating learning curves for change-making, at the Ashoka U Exchange held Feb. 12 at Arizona State, Tempe. Krupa holds joint appointments as an assistant professor in Liberal Studies and Environmental Science.

The Exchange connects leaders in higher education with social entrepreneurs. The goal is to transform higher education by capitalizing on its potential to foster personal transformation and social change.

Thiru and Krupa discussed APU as an exemplar of an education community seeking to reinvent itself in context of change confronting Alaska’s resource-development dependent economy.