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Mock Classes

Intro to Outdoor Studies and Snow Science: Learn how to become an outdoor professional: a ranger, an outdoor entrepreneur, a guide, a wilderness therapist, an outdoor educator, or a snow scientist in this introduction to Outdoor Studies.

Politics Today: Discuss and learn more about the ever changing dynamics of United State’s political parties.

Playing with your Brain: This class will explore human brain anatomy with interactive exercises.  We will learn how the limbic system connects to the rest of the central nervous system, will feel how the right and left brain differ in processing information, and will touch on some of the structure of the parietal lobe.  You don’t need to know how to use your brain to be successful in this class, but you do have to bring it with you.

Service Leadership:  Join APU outdoor studies faculty and students as they compare and contrast Maimonides’ ‘Eight Levels of Charity’  (circa 1170 A.D.) with contemporary efforts of sustainability. The specific role of ‘service learning,’ in various outdoor and environmental education programs, will be explored. Professor Kaplan will offer a 10 minute mini-lecture on Maimonides, and then facilitate a 35 minute interactive lesson, a fishbowl exercise, enabling students to apply Maimonides’ ideas to specific contemporary cases of service learning and sustainability education.

30 Seconds to Success: APU’s business degrees combine real-life applications with established theories producing graduates who successfully compete in our global world and who are able to effectively lead organizations across business sectors. This short lesson explores the essential components of quickly communicating critical messages that have impact and get results. Whether it is a great grade on your in-class presentation, a manager’s approval for your project, community support for your cause, or the commitment of a company to partner on a project – learning to communicate your important message effectively in 30 seconds will bring you success.

Critical Thinking: A major difference between high school and college is the style of learning, not just the quantity of information.  Thinking well—not memorizing, but questioning, analyzing, and communicating logically—is vital in college, regardless of the class or field of study.  This class examines thinking and learning are the topics themselves – thinking about thinking.

Hunting for long dead salmon (how, and more importantly, why?): In this class, we’ll see how it is that a salmon goes from tasty treat to rotting carcass, and beyond. We’ll ask what happens to all the fish that migrate and die up our rivers each year, and then look at sediment cores from a high glacial lake that record the migrations of salmon from centuries past. Finally, we’ll see why it matters to bears, bugs, and babies in bathtubs.

Teachers Touching Lives Forever: Experience current APU students and APU graduates sharing about the impact of their education and profession on students in schools. See videos, hear Readers Theatre and talk with APU preservice teachers.

Climbing Systems: Gravity never stops: learn about the real world of climbing systems and physics with a demonstration of our climbing lab’s drop tower and slow pull machine. Meet in the Climbing Wall of Atwood Center Basement.