Why Early Honors?

by Anastasia Keogh

Throughout my academic career I have always tried to enhance my education in some way. During my junior year I enrolled in two Advance Placement classes to help get the feel of college work. I took AP Language and Composition and AP European History. I didn’t expect these classes to be easy, and they weren’t. My teachers were very helpful, patient, and supportive throughout the school year. So when I learned about the Early Honors Program in May of this year, I was eager to apply.

As I was applying, my friends, past teachers, and family were always asking me why Early Honors at APU? Don’t you want the full high school experience? I responded by saying I enjoyed the “high school” experience and was ready for college. I don’t think that high school was using all my academic potential and that is why early honors seemed the perfect choice for me. I wanted to make the most of my last year of high school to begin to meet the academic and social challenges of college.

My education is an adventure. With my first semester at APU coming to a close, I believe that I have made the right choice with the Early Honors Program. My teachers have been very insightful and helpful with my college decision making process.


Anastasia Keogh will graduate from Service High School. She is applying to many colleges, but she is hoping to attend Western Washington University with a focus on pre-med studies.